Milimbo (Valencia) is a graphic studio that likes telling especially using pictures. They do it through a graphic, symbolic and also narrative style. Everybody learned to read using images in the childhood. And this is what they like to do: creating graphics and illustrations for covers, publishing and posters, identity, cardboard objects, …


Lukatoyboy (Belgrade) is sound designer, experimental musician, alternative child educator and journalist from Belgrade. His main sound/music activities include performing electro-acoustic improvised music (based on real-time sampling of various objects, toys, voices and field recordings) using feedback, different microphone inputs, electromagnetic coils plus additional small surprises.
Dulait (Belgrade) is a visual and street artist, architect and photographer. He is a member of numerous photo and street art collectives. His works are presented on the group shows in the Belgrade, Europe and region, but most of the time he works outside of the galleries on the streets and around the city as a specific urban book with contemporary and engaged commentaries.
Saša is a Sarajevo born Canadian, fine artist, graphic designer, t-shirt and textile designer with a love for nature and wildlife. Lot of his work is derived from his childhood memories, his travels and observations of people and situations he finds himself in. Aside from commissioned work he has his own line of hand painted t-shirts and jewellery sold in a number of shops in Japan.His ongoing projects include t-shirt and apparel design, illustration and Paperal Warrior series of paper masks.


Silvia Costa (Treviso) starts in 2006 to work with Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio within the production Hey Girl! and since then, she contributes to all the following productions by Romeo Castellucci, as actress and assistant director. In 2007, with the Italian musician and composer Lorenzo Tomio, she starts her own artistic project behind the name of Plumes dans la tête: not a fixed group, but an open and wide creation project. Its research is focused in creating images able to touch the gaze and  the brain of the spectator; creating these images of bodies, spaces, structures or sounds. All these elements are combined every time in a different way, without hierarchy otherwise the Idea’s hierarchy. With the beginning of 2013, the project Plumes dans la tête stops: this closure wants to decree the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new way of research, that hasn’t a precise definition yet, and also it doesn’t really want to find it, but it wants to take the lack of distinction, the eclecticism and the nomadism of the Form as its own code.


Teatro de los sentidos (Barcelona) is a stable group of artists-researchers from various fields of knowledge and nationalities who have been working in close collaboration with the anthropologist and Artistic Director Enrique Vargas for 20 years. Together, they work on the poetics of the senses and research in the relationship between sensorial languages and theatrical creation. The company aims towards a language based on that what is left unsaid. Following the path of ancestral oral traditions, where silence is a necessary condition for an effective communication between the play and the public. 

Teatro de los Sentidos has its headquarters at the Polvorín de Montjuïc building (1733)  thanks to the collaboration of the City of Barcelona.


Tim Spooner (London) is an artist working in painting and live shows. Since 2010 he has been making and demonstrating collections of puppets or performing sculptures, presenting them in vibrating compositions of living and inanimate matter, sound and electricity. These shows aim to expand an understanding of the physical world by revealing something of its inner life. Recent shows include The Telescope, where a series of tiny magnetic and chemical events are enacted under a microscope camera and presented as a documentary account of an uncertain landscape, and Subliming Furiously, where the material qualities of the voice are tested and amplified in the story of a journey through an abstracting woodland.


Tuur Marinus (Leuven) studied painting and visual arts before starting his contemporary dance education at the HID in Lier and at P.A.R.T.S in Brussels. Tuur graduated from the Research cycle in 2008 with keeping busy keeping still, a piece he created with Marisa Cabal and Fabián Barba. Together with Franziska Aigner and Gabriel Schenker they developed this piece to Dominos and Butterflies, the first creation of the collective Busy Rocks. In 2010 Tuur Marinus created the performance Studium with Busy Rocks.  He also collaborated with Rosas/Zita Swoon (Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist), Vincent Dunoyer (Encore) and David Zambrano. In 2011 he and Marisa Cabal collaborated with Theater Zuidpool for their performance Salome Redux.


Vincent Dupont (Paris) works in several media (choreography, installation and performance) whose synthesis changes the expected definitions of choreographic art. His pieces are always proposed as experiments, questions addressed directly to the spectator. Trained initially as an actor, he began dancing with the choreographers Thierry Thieu-Niang and Georges Appaix before beginning to dance with Boris Charmatz (in Herses, Une lente introduction, Con forts fleuve). In 2001, he presented his first piece, Jachères improvisations, inspired by a photo of an installation by the plastician Stan Douglas. He continued to work on his own pieces while still participating in other artists’ pieces. In 2005 he created Hauts Cris (miniature), then Incantus (2007), Souffles (2010) and Bine (2011), a performance installation in which he confronted movement with the poetic universe of Charles Pennequin. His last creation called Air has been presented in november 2013, Vincent Dupont has conceived this choreographic work for two acoustic bodies in dialogue with a quartet of singers, with the audience placed between the singers and the dancers, at the exact spot in which the dialogue would take place.