Associazione Med (Milan) is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2003. Among the association’s main activities is Uovo, an international and trans-disciplinary project that promotes contemporary creativity in its diverse declinations and expressive formats, going beyond the traditional division of genres and places of representation and favouring a cross between diverse disciplines of art and of communication. Over the years Uovo has evolved into various formats: Uovo performing arts festival, Uovo Music, Superuovo and more recently Uovo 0_11 and Uovokids, formats dedicated to children. Since its founding, Associazione Med has had the support of Public Institutions (Municipality of Milan, Milan Province, Lombardia Region). Over the years, the association’s various activities have also been supported by the following Institutions: French Embassy, Canadian Embassy, Goethe Institut, Centre Culturel Francais, Nouveau Mécènats, Swiss Institute, Pro Helvetia, Japan Foundation, …).


Working across theatre, visual arts, dance, live art and performance, Artsadmin (London) provides an unparalleled resource for contemporary artists. Artsadmin produces, supports and promotes arts projects locally, nationally and internationally, developing long-term relationships with artists, in partnership with other producers, promoters and festivals.
Artsadmin is continually exploring new contexts in which artists can both create and present their work. Whilst opening up new opportunities to expand their practice and develop new strands to their work we are also interested in helping new audiences to access and experience art that is both exciting and challenging.  As a consequence it has developed a range of work with artists that has either been site-specific or involved large groups of cross generational participants, has nurtured emerging artists  (through bursary scheme) or engaged and developed skills with young people from 16-25 years (Youth Board, Summer School).


Micro Mondes is a biennial festival of immersive arts (performing arts and multimedia) organised by CYCLO Association (Lyon). It started in November 2011 in Lyon (France) and in the Rhône-Alpes region through a tour of performances.
Micro Mondes was founded on the following concept:  the immersion of the audience (children from 3 years-old and adults) within the performances. The objective is to program performances where the scenography (traditional or multimedia) invites the audience to live an intimate experience around sensations (hearing, sense of smell, taste, sight, touch…). The audience capacity is limited to reinforce the experience and to work on a quality of relationship with people.


Under the leadership of Artistic Director Yuval Pick since August 2011, the CCNR National Choreographic Center (Rillieux-La-Pape) provides the production and the promotion of Yuval Pick’s works and the permanent company. The CCNR supports creation and research through a residency program for independent artists and companies (including coproduction, technical support, lodging, public presentation). It provides support to choreographers based in the Lyon region, placing its studios at their disposal. The CCNR proposes throughout its season public openings (performance, open presentation of a stage in the creative process of the companies in residency, discussions..) and events, working in collaboration with other cultural institutions of Lyon Region, and participating to promote creation and contemporary arts. The CCNR works on public awareness, proposing training and initiation to dance for amateurs, and inhabitants of Rillieux-la-Pape. It collaborates regularly with schools and educative institutions.


KidsPatch, promoted and organized by Dis-patch (Belgrade), is an innovative laboratory, a mini mobile festival for the youngest ones that celebrates children’s creativity. It is realized in the form of workshops and public presentations from the fields of music, graphic art, performance and contemporary media. It is a 100% participatory program, which utilizes an intuitive and forward-thinking approach to children’s creative education within the context of arts and culture. The activities are intended for kids ages 5 – 13, while the program is conceived in a way to bring the fields of contemporary arts and culture closer to the children through an process based, fun approach.  KidsPatch was initiated in 2008, as a part of the Dis-patch festival in Belgrade, Serbia. Since then more than 70 workshops and kids programs have been organized in Belgrade in Serbia, but also in Europe and across USA.


As an arts centre STUK (Leuven) fulfils its decretal mission to follow developments in (inter)national art production by creating, presenting, reflecting and reaching a public. Innovation is the key word. STUK has an extensive multidisciplinary working in dance, theatre, music, visual arts, media art and film, reaching + 105.000 visitors each year.
STUK is not used to work regularly for children in the field of performing arts or visual arts, but does have some links to this field. Cinema Zed, the movie theatre of the arts centre, is presenting (more alternative) movies for children on a regular base. Last years STUK is presenting very rarely a concert for children. Until now, STUK wasn’t producing artistic works for children.